​Tenant Not Paying Rent, Then Use Our Eviction Services!!


Assistance with collection of

debts owed to you by people or

by companies. Pursuit of money judgments through the wage garnishment process and complete small claims assistance is available to you as well!

We are a low-cost, efficient, and practical means for you to get help preparing legal documents or getting through certain aspects of the legal process without paying high-priced attorneys or doing it yourself. We are the legal Ninjas, we are the Masters of the legal world!  

We have the SKILLS to help get you through the stress of the legal process

​​Ninja Legal  Services:

Fast and accurate eviction of your tenant when they do not pay rent, are breaking the lease, or if you just want them out! Legal Document Services

Document Preparation

Preparation of Legal Documents for new or existing cases, as well the typing of legal letters or contracts. Areas include Divorce, Eviction, Probate, Corporation/LLC setup, Small Claims, Wills, and more! All you have to do is tell us what you need and we can do the rest for you!


Service of legal documents by registered process servers. We can have service of process for just about any area in California. Our servers are diligent and we get it served for you!